Does Smart Clothing Have a Future?

Aug 21 2018

Tommy Hilfiger recently released a new line of smart clothing. Unfortunately, they have received some bad press for their execution. There are two main issues in my opinion.

First, the tech only provides meaningful rewards to serious Hilfiger fans. After extensive use, points can be redeemed for more Hilfiger-gear. It would be more effective to have random check-ins and if you are wearing their clothes at the time, you get cash. It would psychologically boost brand appeal and genuinely reward all users, without making it about money.

Additionally, the tech cost is clearly passed along the consumer, when Hilfiger clearly benefits too. They now get data on who is wearing their clothes, when and where too. Coupled with weather, times, purcahse date, etc; they can figure out how to market more effectively and what to design next. This is worth its weight in gold to a clothing manufacturer. They should absorb more of the cost so that this tech can be pushed out to the boundaries of their users.

So can this exist in the longrun? I absolutely think so, but it needs to be clean and valuable for the consumer. I don’t think we are seeing anything close to the true potential yet.