Facebook's 3D Photos - The Strategy

Oct 12 2018

Facebook recently launched a new 3D photo feature. Anyone with a dual-camera iPhone can share pictures on Facebook in a way that let’s others view it as 3D.

This technology is not new, however it is new to the social media scene. But why introduce it at all?

I think it is the first step of many to make content even more immersive. They have acquired Oculus and are surely working on that level of immersion right now. But how do we go from here to there? Surely few will go out and buy a Rift if they announce a new segment of facebook.com tomorrow.

We currently have 360 video. It let’s you see beyond a normal picture but it has never felt like you were there. 3D picture steps in and now allows you to perceive depth!

It is new and exciting now, but once it wears off, it will be something to build on. They are making VR mainstream slowly.

I think it is brilliant. It is also able to capitalize on a chunk of phone users to provide content to help make this normal since all new iPhones (excluding the XR) can create this new media format. And to ice the cake, engagement numbers are sure to go up now as users and advertisers generate excitement using the feature.

It will be exciting to see the next step towards the social media and VR convergence.