Segmentation on More than Sectors

Oct 22 2018

I recently read an article about Amplifyher Ventures exclusively looking to fund female-lead ventures. It made me think - some funds focus on subsectors like AI, AgTech, software, and so on - why can’t you segment on another dimension like gender?

Of course you can argue that looking at a specific area of tech allows you to make better investments in that space and advise the companies better. I completely agree. But I imagine that taking a social stance, like Amplifyer, would increase deal flow notably. Also, the powerful network of the VC, founded in a social cause, will likely be very strong too. Furthermore, the VC will be more equipped to help their portfolio companies navigate issues that females frequently run into when exiting, getting follow-on investments, etc.

I think these benefits tied together may make this economically viable, while being able to tackle a worthy social mission. I am not a VC, so I can only provide my opinion and I do not have the answer. But I think Amplifyher Ventures is building something very cool and definitely worth looking at.